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Mission Statement:

To collect and preserve the history of San Francisco's Visitacion Valley neighborhood for this and future generations by collecting, preserving, and sharing photos, oral histories, and ephemera.

Since banding together in 2004 the members of the Visitacion Valley History Project (VVHP) have dedicated their efforts to collecting and preserving the history and stories of the neighborhood’s residents and workers, past and present.

Bayshore at San Francisco - Brisbane/San Mateo County line

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Where is Visitacion Valley ?

“Visitacion Valley is easiest to pinpoint by naming features that are not quite in it.

It is the place where you would find yourself if you took the wrong turn at the exit for Candlestick Park. It’s the district across Geneva Avenue from the Cow Palace.

When you are driving north on Route 101, it is the first section of town on your left as you cross the San Francisco line…”

(Jill Kneerim, 1985)

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The Visitacion Valley History Project has collected this intriguing volume of images and stories from people of all ages who have lived and worked here. These encompass the early days, the industries like Southern Pacific and Schlage Lock that once thrived here, the community centers and improvement clubs, the charming bungalows of Little Hollywood, Joseph Eichler's towers and townhouses, and newly planned developments that will have a lasting effects on the Valley.

Together these add up to one of San Francisco's most distinctive areas, one that deserves recognition in the present as well as safeguarding for future generations.

Joseph Eichler's towers and townhouse

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Bayshore Blvd looking south, mid 1940s